J Ryan Group believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and will encourage our business partners and members of the wider community to join us in this effort.

Our Environmental Policy:

Develop, maintain and operate our resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

Make a positive and commercially-realistic contribution to improve the environment in which we operate.

Ensure that the threat of pollution in any form from our activities is identified and eliminated or tightly monitored and controlled.

Minimize our consumption of materials, fuel, energy and water and to recycle as much as economically feasible.

Eliminate or minimize any harmful effects of our activities upon employees, customers, neighbors and the public.

J Ryan Group, will seek to minimise the creation of waste by avoiding unnecessary wastage of materials and recycling materials that cannot be directly reused as far as practicable.


J Ryan have all the necessary permits to carry out national and internalnational transport of goods and waste. We also have facilities that are able to accept waste certain waste streams. The links below can direct you to the relevant documentation.

Paperless Docketing System

J Ryan have designed a bespoke logistics management software to meet the needs of our extensive customer base

Software is designed to provide customer with live access to all the information regarding the waste/product

Drivers use handheld device in trucks removing the need for paper dockets

Customers can issue daily reports in excel/pdf format to ensure their clients have access to the most up to date information

All loads are tracked from origin to destination and all POD s are uploaded to the customer portal.

Bespoke office software

J Ryan in conjunction with our partner Eureka Software have designed a bespoke logistics software package

All driver uploads are quality checked by our office team to ensure that driver uploads are correct

All steps of load completion are checked to ensure customers are receiving the correct information

Colour coding of all loads to ensure that they only turn green when the driver has completed his inputs and the office have carried out a full check.

Customer View

Customer can log on to secure portal to view information

Information is available in real time to client

Full traceability for all loads that leave the site including origin, material type, truck type and waste facility for final destination

Trucks can also be tracked live on maps using our bespoke tracker

Follow truck route from site to final destination in real time.

Vehicle Tracking

J Ryan use Samsara Fleet Management Software

Software is designed to provide J Ryan Management with an efficient and eco friendly package for managing the day to day operations of our fleet

Samsara allows our transport management team to work hand in hand with our drivers to deliver and efficient and reliable product to our customers

Customers can access the tracker for live updates in order to plan for arrivals at their site

Samsara provides J Ryan management with full reports to aid in our compliance.

JFK Environmental is an EPA licensed waste facility. JFK Environmental is licensed to accept hazardous aqueous waste and sludge for treatment and disposal from environmental and waste management service providers.