J Ryan Group have been in business for over 40 years

Jerry and John Ryan began the company over 40 years ago in Wexford, where the foundation was laid for the business to expand into one of Ireland’s leading earthworks contractors. We established a headquarters and operations yard in Kill, Co. Kildare, where we are still based today, as part of our expansion. We can serve projects all around Ireland from this strategic location.

Bulk Haulage

J Ryan Haulage has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest hauling companies, with an 80-truck fleet that includes tippers, grab trucks, and skip lorries. When it comes to carrying material to and from sites, this self-owned fleet allows us to be even more dependable and effective.

Our company has expanded into general transport in recent years, and it now has a number of significant contracts across Ireland including chemical tanker and curtain side services. We provide full visibility for all loads and we were one of the  first haulage operators in our industry to provide a paperless service. Clients have full live accessibility to all transport and delivery dockets, as well as the option to generate excel/pdf reports, thanks to our custom software.

Construction & Demolition

J Ryan Construction and Demolition is one of Ireland’s foremost asbestos removal and demolition contractors. We are equipped to handle large-scale demolition and asbestos removal projects. Before any demolition work begins on site, all contracts are risk-assessed. We can provide in-house engineering and temporary works solutions that meet our client’s objectives while also ensuring that the demolition work is done appropriately. We have a team of highly skilled managers and operators who can safely finish even the most complex challenges.

We have built up a large fleet of plant & equipment as a demolition contractor, including long reach excavators, 3 tonne – 40 tonne excavators, demolition accessories, dust control units, crushers. We are responsible for all waste stream transportation off-site to licensed facilities. This allows us to work at a high degree of efficiency, ensuring that projects are completed on time for our clients. Our  C&D team has Safe T Cert approval and is a member of the CIF and the Irish Association of Demolition Contractors.

JFK Environmental

JFK Environmental is an EPA licensed waste facility. JFK Environmental are licensed to accept hazardous aqueous waste and sludge for treatment and disposal from environmental and waste management service providers. Our fleet of ADR certified tankers are capable of collecting, transporting and providing disposal of chemical or hazardous liquids from any site in Ireland. Our facility is certified to deal with wastes ranging from, leachate, interceptor waste, solid oil contaminates & industrial wastes.

j ryan group online tracking

Paperless Docketing

We operate a bespoke logistics management software to meet the needs of our extensive customer base

The Software is designed to provide customers with live access to all the information.

Drivers use a handheld device in trucks, removing the need for paper dockets

Customers can issue daily reports in excel/pdf format to ensure their clients have access to the most up to date information

All loads are tracked from origin to destination and all POD’s are uploaded to the customer portal


Bespoke Office Software

In conjunction with our partner, Eureka Software we have designed a bespoke logistics software package

All driver uploads are quality checked by our office team to ensure that they are correct

All steps of load completion are checked to ensure customers are receiving the correct information

Colour coding of all loads to ensure that they only turn green when the driver has completed their information and the office have carried out a full check.


Fleet Management

Samsara provides J Ryan Group with Fleet Management Software.

This software is designed to provide J Ryan Management with an efficient and eco friendly package for managing the day to day operations of our fleet

Samsara allows our transport management team to work hand in hand with our drivers to deliver an efficient and reliable product to our customers

Customers can access the tracker for live updates in order to plan for arrivals at their site

Samsara provides J Ryan management with full reports to aid in our compliance with.